What sets us apart

An office you can trust

At Cassidy Orthodontics, you will never feel like teeth in a treatment chair, an anonymous number on a chart, or a revenue source to exploit. Ever. Instead, Dr. Kevin Cassidy and our team will welcome you by name and care for you as a family.

For us, orthodontics is about serving our community, improving oral health, and increasing self-esteem, one person and one smile at a time! Ours is a patient-centered and family-friendly orthodontic practice that has served the Topeka area since 1996. We are proud to be known as an office that provides personalized, ethical orthodontic treatment: ours is an office you can trust.

Why choose Cassidy Orthodontics for your new smile?

At our Dr. Cassidy team, we offer personalized orthodontic treatment using cutting-edge technology for a perfect smile that reflects your personality.

  • Dr. Cassidy provides personalized and effective orthodontic treatment to give you a healthy and beautiful smile.
  • Our team has years of experience in orthodontics. They share Dr. Cassidy’s passion to transform lives through new smiles.
  • Cassidy Orthodontics is a practice with only one location and one doctor, Dr. Cassidy. He believes that seeing him at every visit is crucial to achieving optimal results for your treatment.
  • Orthodontic treatment improves appearance, bite, function, and oral health. Straight and aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of future dental issues.
  • Dr. Cassidy offers Invisalign® clear aligner therapy for teens and adults. These customized aligners are effective, comfortable, and nearly invisible. We can help adults achieve a more attractive smile without worrying about appearance during treatment.

Choosing orthodontic care is choosing to make a lasting change in your oral health, as well as transforming your self-confidence. Everyone at Cassidy Orthodontics is excited you’re considering treatment for yourself or a loved one and welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve your most amazing smile!