Dr. Kevin Cassidy

D.D.S., M.S.


I LOVE orthodontics!

I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming into my office, every day, many people with unique smiles and stories. Then I get to learn those stories while transforming their smiles. Building real connections with people, while giving them beautiful smiles that boost their self-confidence: what could be more amazing?

Personal interaction with my patients is very important to me. I want each person who comes to my office to feel that their visit was the highlight of their day!

I am blessed to be part of this amazing profession and treasure each person who has come into my life as a result of what I do.


Professional affiliations

Orthodontics is a constantly advancing specialty. I choose to participate in continuing education (CE) to make sure I am up-to-date on the latest information: not just technical but also the tremendous surge in digital orthodontics.

Through study groups and the CE offered by professional organizations, I keep current with emerging research, new methodologies and materials, and the latest trends. By carefully evaluating developments and new options, I am able to incorporate the best – those that increase comfort, efficiency, effectiveness – into the practice and into patient care.

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I am a second-generation orthodontist and was fortunate to have spent time in my father’s orthodontic practice while I was growing up. It was fascinating to see the transformation of a smile and to see how straightening teeth completely changed a person!

I attended the University of Kansas, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Then came dental school, at the University of Iowa, where I obtained my Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). My orthodontic residency, and Master of Science (MS) in Orthodontics, was through the University of Tennessee, in Memphis.

In 1996, I completed my post-doctorate orthodontic specialty training and returned to Topeka to serve my hometown in my father’s practice.

Membership affiliations

Beyond the office

If I’m not at the office, I’m often found with friends and family. Marcy, my wife of over 30 years, is currently the Superintendent of Schools for Burlingame, Kansas. We have two sons: one graduated from college and works for a national consulting firm and the other graduated from University of Iowa and now is in Law School.. We’re not completely empty-nesters, though, as we have Fiona and Petunia, our French bulldogs who keep us company.

In my free time, I love to exercise and play golf, though I’m not very good at the latter, and I enjoy cooking and singing in my church choir. I am an avid reader, too, enjoying fiction, non-fiction, and business titles.

Giving back

Being active in my community is extremely important to me, and I know it is the lifeblood of a town the size of Topeka. I am very involved in the Mulvane Art Museum and Art Fair, and have been involved in Red Cross and the Stormont Vail Foundation.

Professionally, I commit to assisting those in need through Donated Orthodontic Services, Smiles Change Lives, and the Marian Clinic.